We optimize the energy performance of your company

We adapt your energy facilities to optimize their performance, financing the project with the savings obtained from day one.

We are an engineering company specialized in Energy Services with a presence in Latin America. We provide innovative, profitable and realistic solutions for energy saving.

We have been developing energy efficiency projects since 2006 in the industrial, services and public administration sectors.

How we achieve your energy savings


We carry out an Energy Audit (according to the UNE 16247 standard) that identifies aspects to improve and helps to prepare the action plan. This diagnosis also serves to comply with regulations and to obtain tax benefits.


With the implementation of the plan we reduce energy consumption and the expense of your company. This phase includes funding and grant management. The objective is to obtain the ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems certification and thereby access significant economic advantages.


Your company wins twice with the efficiency achieved. On the one hand, you reduce energy costs. And, on the other hand, you reduce the tons of CO2 emitted, obtaining great advantages with it:

  • Savings in the emissions market
  • Very favorable financial impact on the cost balance
  • Positive marketing with compliance with the SDGs and decarbonization

ISO 50001: Strengthen the energy savings of your company

INGEM helps you implement ISO 50001. Our action plans meet the requirements set out in this energy eco-management standard. ISO 50001 is not an expense. It is more savings for your business. Because your company will work based on efficiency parameters that will provide more and more energy savings.

Advantages and benefits:

  • Improves energy efficiency.
  • Carbon footprint reduction.
  • Control, improvement and optimization of costs and resources.
  • CSR and business reputation.
  • Compliance with Spanish Real Decreto 56/2016 on energy audits in organizations.

The ISO 50001 standard requires the definition of processes, methods, practices and documents necessary to successfully implement the Energy Management System. The objective is to improve energy performance and identify opportunities to optimize or replace internal processes.

Are you ready?


Find out more about INGEM through the services carried out internationally.

Eficiencia Energética

We apply the ESCO model (Amortization through savings).

We carry out energy audits and proposals based on them, and we analyze the energy saving possibilities of your premises.

Energy Cost Analysis By Product

We monitor energy consumption for each production process to assign real costs per unit. In addition, we provide data to the maintenance manager about the status of the production lines (consumption, heating, vibration, etc…).

Lighting projects

With every lighting project, INGEM seeks to reduce energy consumption through an adequate distribution and selection of lighting equipment and its technology.

Energy Audit

Through the energy audit we describe and analyze the energy flows of a building in order to determine possible points for improvement and energy savings in it, maintaining or improving its environmental comfort.

Electrical Installations

We carry out medium and low voltage electrical installations, we take care of maintenance and manage its legalization. We install photovoltaic systems.

Renewable Energies and Storage

We value feasibility and implement renewable energy in your business. We calculate and implement electrical storage systems tailored to your business needs and profitability.

Engineering and Technological Integration

We develop technological solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. We design and implement control systems, monitoring of equipment and facilities, SCADA systems, etc…


RAOMSAT: Augmented Reality and Mathematical Optimization of Maintenance and Tech Support Services

INGEM ENERGÍA participates in the RAOMSAT R&D+i project with Tecnalia Foundation and other companies in the development of an Augmented Reality system.

The goal of the project is to provide a tool to generate manuals that use augmented reality to guide operators in the event of incidents or problems that occur in the daily life of companies.

This is a project included in the HAZITEK business R&D support aid program, and co-financed by the Basque Government and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 (ERDF).

Strategic agreements

We have signed exclusive agreements, both in Spain and in Latin America, which allow us to offer services, products, experience, knowledge and technology to any type of company.

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